3G Organic Amla Powder (4 X 100gm)

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Description of product

Boost your Energy Health, Health supplement used as an Immune Booster, Rich in Vitamin C, Fiber, Polypropylene & Improves overall Health systems. Useful in rejuvenating Liver and supports a healthy Reproductive system. Helpful in promoting Stable, healthy Energy levels, protector and tonic for the Heart by supporting healthy Cholesterol levels. Helps in Cleanses, Nourishes the Blood, improves Digestion, promotes healthy Hair and tonifies the Eyes.

Dosage: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon twice daily with warm water after meals.

Contains: Amla extract.

3G Organic company setup in Jan-2015 aiming to provide best in class Ayurveda and Nutraceutical products to the economy, and economic prices. The manufacturing facility works on its CDPP approach that they name as clean-detoxify-process-Packing, and follow the same to maintain the quality. The herbs are well process in GMP certified facility, with an experience of over 25 years manufacturing partner globally thereby meeting all protocols. The company majorly follows German protocols for natural products to maintain the toxicity level of the products and international acceptability. 3G Organic Offers you a wide range of herb Powders, Teas and supplements ideal for daily consumption. And focus more on preventive approach, thereby ensuring healthy live.

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