Anand Dant Aushadhi Powder (3 X 80gm)

Anand Dant Aushadhi Powder (3 X 80gm)

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A great herbal substitute for Toothpaste. Helps in soothing Toothache, Cavity ache, Ache while chewing, ache in decaying Teeth and ache due to Swollen gums. Offers relief in cases of Sensitive gums, which includes pain in Teeth from hot, cold, sweet and sour, while eating or drinking. Helpful in cases of Pyorrhea, Bleeding, Pus from gums and foul smell in Breathing.

Contains: Mirch, Soverchal, Bhallatak, Kakendu, Rajvraksha Beej, Geerik, Babultwak, Saphticka and Haridra (in Equal Ratio).

Shri Sanmati Udhyog are manufacturers of ANAND DANT AUSHADHI, a powerful and trustworthy herbal tooth powder, which is an Ayurvedic formulation for teeth and gum related problems.

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