Aringel Mosquito Repellent Patch 1st Gen. + Sit Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer (50 Patches + 50ml)

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100% Natural, No Side effects, DEET free, Safe & Effective. Made in India. Herbal, Natural, Safe, Kills 99.99% of the Germs. It s Natural, Safe for Environment, Children & Everyone. Act as a Nontoxic protection from Mosquito borne diseases without Irritating chemicals in direct contact with Skin. It s DEET free, perfect for Holidays, Barbecues, Camping, Hiking, Cycling, Fishing, Gardening & any other Outdoor activities. Spray Sit Safe on toilet seat. Its Herbal, Natural & Safe. Wash it for a few seconds for it to kill germs. It helps to kill up to 99.99% germs. Helpful in ensuring complete Personal hygiene by Disinfecting the Dirty toilet seat and making it Safe for Use.

Contains: Citronella oil, Kunvar patha, Lemon and Exciepients - QS.

Sway Herbal Healthcare, founded by a team of dedicated professionals, understands the importance of serving customers through outstanding innovations, world-class performance and ultimately through providing superior herbal products. They started the business with a wide range of Herbal mosquito repellants and have since diversified and developed several products like Herbal tea, Laxative tea, Mouthwash, Tooth and Acne medicine, Herbal soaps, Hand Sanitizers, handwash, facepacks etc. All the products are developed by a dedicated team of experienced doctors.

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