Baba Ayurved Jointex Tablets (60 Tablets)

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Description of product

Helpful in relieving Joint Pain, Backache, Frozen Shoulder, Joint stiffness, stiff Muscles, Knee Pain, Back pain, muscular Pain & improving Blood circulation. Has Anti-inflammatory properties.

Contains: Shudh kuchala, Yograj guggul, Mahayograj guggul, Shilajeet, Mul, Neem, Chop chini, Kaloungi, Ashwagandha, Kali mirch, Loh bhasma, Methi and Daruhaldi.

Baba ayurved Pharmecy is establised in Sriganganagar Rajasthan. The product formulations are based on the high value Herbal extracts and Isolets which are processed under highly validated procedures and clinically tested. They manufacturer of Jointex tablet, Afacine tablet, Baba gold capsules for Slim, Baba pachak goliya dhatu poshak churan and Divey kabaj.

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