Bhrigu Pharma Peptocid Syrup (2 X 200ml)

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Helpful in treating Gastric problems such as Zollinger Ellicon Syndrome, Indigestion, Gas Formation, Flatulence, Heartburn, Hyper acidity, Colic pain, Uneasiness after heavy meals, Peptic and Duodenal Ulcer.

Contains: Shahtra, Giloy, Vasaka, Vidang, Trivrith, Mulethi, Saunth, Clove, Nagarmotha, Chirata, Black Pepper, Red Sandal and Parwal (Trichosanthes diocia).

Bhrigu Pharma Pvt. Ltd. a GMP & ISO certified company established in 1993, is one of the leading Quality Conscious Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Ayurvedic medicines such as Gynae Medicines, Bedwetting Syrup, Stone Removal Medicines, Liver Stimulant Medicines, Health Care Juice, Health Medicines, Enzyme Syrup, Diabetes Medicines, Cough Syrup, Blood Purifier Medicines, Antacid Medicines, Uncoated Herbal Tablets and many more.

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