Hashmi Sikander-E-Azam Plus Capsules (10 Capsules)

Hashmi Sikander-E-Azam Plus Capsules (10 Capsules)

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Helpful for increasing Semen volume, Penis size and Thickness. Useful for enhancing Stamina, Strength, Desire and Libido.

Usage: Consume One capsule a Day after Dinner in the Night before going to bed, but we recommend you to first consult our specialists for complete guidance regarding diet and other important points.

Contains: Zingiber officinalis, Eugenis koreohileta, Mysrisica officiangalis, Myristica fargrans, Cinnamomum zeyanlcumblum, Apnea gaiangel willed, Seed of Tamarindus Indicus Linn, Querecus incana engl, Querecus infecotoria, Muruna pruciens, Crocistigmats and Aurum compound.

Hashmi Unani Pharmacy Company was founded by Hakeem Hashmi in 1929 with a vision to provide people with high quality herbal products. It is amongst the leading companies in India offering herbal products. It is among the pioneers in formulating and promoting herbal products in key health segments. All the products are made completely using pure herbs.

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