Hassnar's CLEARA Instant Glowing Fairness CC Cream (50ml)

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Description of product

CLEARA contains fruit acids (A.H.A.'S) of Orange and Lemon, agents to exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal new fair and glowing skin. Also clear complexion, remove freckles, dark spots, stretch marks and neutralise skin damaging free radicals. Acts as an excellent moisturizer. Gives instant glowing fairness, Clears Complexion, Helps in removing stretch marks and dark spots. Provides moisture & nourishment to skin. Ayurvedic formulation for radiant complexion.

Usage: Apply on face, neck and hands. Massage gently in circular movements. For stretch marks apply on stomach, lower abdomen and on hips regularly during and after pregnancy. For freckles and dark spots apply on effected portion twice a day.

Contains: Citrus orange, Citrus lemon, Pterocarpus santalinus, Rubia cordifolia, Almondoil, Aloe vera and Sunflower oil.

Hassnar Health & Personal Care, GMP certified company, is a Ayurvedic health and personal products manufacturing company. These products are based on relentless efforts of Hassnar Research Group, which was established with the sole objective of exploring indigenous, Natural and Herbal ingredients, taking clue from the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic masters. Ayurveda the "Science of Life" promotes positive health, natural beauty and long life. Ayurveda is based on universal principles and is a living, growing body of knowledge. Ayurveda emphasizes use of daily health care practices, namely diet, exercise and rejuvenation therapy.

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