Hassnar's GOKHRU Tribulus Terrestris (60 Capsules)

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Gokhru / Gokshura has been used in treating diseases of the genito-urinary system, urinary disorders, kidney diseases, as a diuretic, aphrodisiac and in treating low sperm count. Gokhru (Small Caltrops/Tribulus terrestris) increases the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the body. luteinizing hormone stimulates the secretion of sex hormones in both males and females. In males it promotes the secretion of higher amount of testosterone and in females the ovaries are stimulated by LH and in turn secrete more estrogen. Helps in bladder or kidney infection, renal colic, kidney stone, urinary retention, cloudy urination, Haematuria. Helps in reducing prostate problems. As an aphrodisiac, increases sexual desire and drive in both males and females. Helpful in erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction. Helpful in treating infertility, increases semen quality and quantity. Improves muscle growth and body strength. A natural booster used by athletes and bodybuilders.

Usage: One or two capsule twice a day half an hour before meals or as suggested by physician.

Contains: Gokhru fruit powder and Gokhru fruit extract.

Hassnar Health & Personal Care, GMP certified company, is a Ayurvedic health and personal products manufacturing company. These products are based on relentless efforts of Hassnar Research Group, which was established with the sole objective of exploring indigenous, Natural and Herbal ingredients, taking clue from the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic masters. Ayurveda the "Science of Life" promotes positive health, natural beauty and long life. Ayurveda is based on universal principles and is a living, growing body of knowledge. Ayurveda emphasizes use of daily health care practices, namely diet, exercise and rejuvenation therapy.

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