Honest Noni-D Syrup (800ml)

Honest Noni-D Syrup (800ml)

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Useful in treating Chronic constipation and Piles. Helpful in improving Digestion, promoting milk secretion in lactating mothers and regeneration of tissues. Useful in reducing Hyperglycemia, Blood sugar, Toxicity, production of sugar by liver and sugar absorption by small intestine. Has Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, Adaptogen, Anti-Diabetic and mild Laxative properties.

Contains: Momardica charantia, Morinda citrifolia, Salacia reticulata and Chlorophytum borivillianum.

HLC [ Honest Lifecare Solutions Private Limited ] was established in the year 2010 with a concept of providing 100% natural, herbal, researched and standardized health care product range that helps in rejuvenating mind and body, enhancing vigour and vitality, reducing obesity and cholesterol, etc.

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