Just Herbs Fennel And Manjistha Rejuvenating Beauty Pack (65gm)

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This rejuvenating beauty pack contains the goodness of natural proteins, vitamins and minerals. It helps restore a youthful appearance of the deprived skin by stimulating the blood circulation thus bringing a surge of nutrients, boosting the detoxification process thus restoring the biological functions of the skin. The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and nourishing properties help maintain skin elasticity, ease out fine lines and create an even color tone, to impart a luminous glow instantly.

Usage: Soak 1-2 tsp of the beauty pack for 15 min. to make a thick paste. Cleanse face with cotton wool dipped in raw milk and apply a thick layer on face & neck for 25-30 min. Wash off with lukewarm water followed by a cold splash. Pat dry apply the next suggested product in your JH 6 step regime.

Contains: Manjishtha, Fennel fruit, Quercus infectoria, Citrus aurantium peel, Citrus medica peel, Symplocos racemosus, Punica granatum, Curcuma longa, Terminalia arjuna, Cicer arientinum, Hordeum vulgare, Lentils and Indian volcanic clay.

Just Herbs is a line of pure, bespoke, and Ayurvedic results-driven skincare made from certified organic and wild crafted ingredients collected from across India. The brand stands for honesty (follows full ingredients disclosure) and purity (uses authentic Ayurvedic herbs without harmful commonplace cosmetic chemicals). The Company choosing between a product that's good for your skin and one which is safe for your health and for the earth is a choice you should never have to make. The vision behind Just Herbs was to create a brand that stands not just for luxury alone but one that delivers a pure and pleasant experience which is safe for the skin, the environment, and at the same time driven by the commitment to bring about results for common skin concerns.This is expressed in each of our formulations and in our tagline Luxurious and Safe Ayurvedic skincare that works.

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