LIIMRA Roghan Shugartune - Diabetes care (6 X 15ml)

LIIMRA Roghan Shugartune - Diabetes care (6 X 15ml)

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This pack contains 6 items of 15ml each with MRP of Rs 260 each.

A powerful and completely safe Unani Anti-Diabetic supplement. Rich source of Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and many other useful nutrients. Helpful in controlling Diabetes Mellitus and regulating Blood sugar levels. Useful in treating Weakness and Lethargy, Tiredness, loose Muscles and Mass. Has Anti-aging properties.

Usage: (Dosage & Administration): Shake the bottle well and mix 15 drops in a Cup of Lukewarm water. Have twice a Day.

Contains: Roghan neem, Roghan jamun, Roghan kalounji and Shilajeet.

LIIMRA (U&A) REMEDIES is a unique organization that is committed to Health manufacturing products based upon the Unani System of Medicine. We are a GMP Certified Company. Unani system of medicine is based on Humeral Theory that subscribes to four humors present in our body - blood (Dam), Phlegm (Balgham), Yellow bile (Safra) and Black bile (Sauda). LIIMRA proudly presents comprehensive health care with a holistic approach and ensures "quality & confidence" in the therapy.

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