MAQS Maqstonil Tables (2 X 50 Tablets)

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Made from rare herbs which is effective in various calculi (stones) the herbs extract acts upon the Stone break up into small articles which passes out through urine. Relieves in pain developed due to calculi in kidney and urinary bladder also removes inflammation of the respective organ.

Dosage: 2 pills to be taken with Water twice a Day or as directed by the Physician.

Contains: Shilajit, Bhumiamalaki, Gokshura, Kokilaksha, Kulatha and Yavaksara.

The Unani system of medicine owes, as its name suggests, its origin to Greece. It is the greek Philosopher-Physician Hippocrates (460-377BC) who freed medicine from the realm of superstition and magic and gave it the status of science. The theoretical framework of Unani is based on the teaching of Hippocrates. In India, Unani system of medicine was introduced by the Arabs and soon it took firm root in the soil during British rule. Unani medicine suffered a setback due to withdrawal of state patronage but continued to be practiced as the masses reposed faith in the system. After independence of India, Unani system was recognized as one of the Indian systems of medicine and steps were taken to develop and propagate this system. In this connection of Unani system of medicine the ancestors of MAQS REMEDIES, MAQS HERBAL SCIENCES, were doing excellent efforts to enrich the system. Their first unit - AZIZIYA DAWAKHANA was established in 1935 by Hakim Haji Faqir Mohammed & Hakim Haji Sirajuddin, and they have taken Unani Medicines to new heights over the last 3 generations. MAQS REMEDIES U.P., U.K. & MAQS HERBAL SCIENCE, established in 2002, have been serving mankind through their Unani formulations.

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