My India Hub Herbal Tea Leaves (100gm)

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Description of product

Rich Source of Vitamin C. Helpful in improving Brain function, supporting Digestive, Cardiovascular system and preventing Esophageal Cancer. Useful in preventing Diabetes, Gas pain, Stomach cramps, maintaining Weight, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels by reducing Triglycerides.

Contains: Lemon, Dry ginger, Cumin seeds, Mint, Clove, Cinnamon, Basil, Cardamom, Rock salt and Sugar.

My India Hub was started in 2015 with a vision of giving Indian products a platform and a holistic approach shop at one place. The idea was solely to promote the message of authentic herbelism, divinity and hand made efforts that India can boast universally. With time, the divinity & purity of authentic herbal products, the real feel of India has started to fade away hence losing its significance. At My India Hub, They strive to attain that. Our philosophy emphasizes the harmony between the physical, mental and spiritual realms, the whole being . achieving the true meaning of Purify Your Body, Purify Your Soul . Broken links between the mind and the body must be restored and balanced in order to achieve health, contentment and peace. The India Hub is Real. Authentic Herbal products, best quality devotional samagri and dresses, aromatic and hand made products, of India using original, time-tested, balanced prescriptions are the strength of My India Hub. My India Hub is Pure. Our products are 100% natural and use plant-based ingredients, prepared from organically - grown plants and herbs or collected by India''''s tribal communities from natural habitats.

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