Nandini Menicure Pedicure Kit (2 X 100gm)

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Description of product

Hand & Foot Care Kit. Sutaible for cleans Hand & Foot. Helpful in protecting from Sun damage, cleaning dead Skin cells, of the feet and Hand. Helpful in removing Crack, Rough and Dead cells from epidermal layer of the Skin.

Usage: Massage the cream on Fee and Hand for 15 min.

Contains: Lemon extract, Aloe vera, Sandal wood and Jojoba oil.

Kunal Herbo Chem is based in Maharashtra, India. They are gentle, mild and organic. Since ancient time, Herbs have been used to treat ailments and maladies, today's variation of herbs is reflected in our range of Herbal Hair Care Oil. They are great alternatives to allopathic treatment and guarantee optimum results. Given their natural nature, they are very safe and no have to worry about any side effects. Hence, they are suitable for anyone, anytime. The company has set up spacious production unit fully equipped with the latest technologies and advanced Extractor Distillers.

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