Nature 'N' Me Organic Cinnamon Stick (5 X 20gm)

Nature 'N' Me Organic Cinnamon Stick (5 X 20gm)

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Helpful in treating Muscle spasms, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Infections, Cold, loss of Appetite and Erectile dysfunction. Useful in treating Diabetes, Stomach cramps, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels by reducing Triglycerides. Has Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial properties.

Contains: Cinnamon sticks.

Nature 'n' me is an organic food and personal care brand that is owned by ASHCOM Agro Products & Consumer Goods Pvt. Ltd. Nature 'n' me is a name in the organic industry for being the most stringent in its processes for maintaining the quality of organics. Made from natural oils & natural extracts with least intervention of chemical based synthetic agents. Nature 'n' me is certified by OneCert Asia which is the most strict certification agency along with USDA and NPOP.

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