Ratan's Sudol Body Toner Capsules (90 Capsules)


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Description of product

Suitable for Women. Helpful in nourishing the Skin, enhancing the Breast size, maintaining and rejuvenating the Skin. Useful in removing the toxins via Lymphatic system and improving elasticity of the supporting Ligaments.

Dosage: Three times daily with milk or fruit juice will provide nourishment to the curve to develop them well.

Contains: Shatavari, Jeera, Yastimadhu, Vidharikand, Daru haldi, Elaichi, Gambhari, Kamal and Paribhadra.

Ratan Ayurvedic Sansthan was started in 1998. To spread the message of Longevity with Ayurveda has been the guiding principle at Ratan Ayurvedic Sansthan. Since its inception, Ratan Ayurvedic Santhan has moved ahead with the sole mission to adapt Ayurveda - The science of life, into contemporary and modern living. It has succeeded in carving a niche for itself by developing innovative products that are safe and natural.

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