Sar Pharmaceuticals Gasorab Syrup (3 X 100ml)

Sar Pharmaceuticals Gasorab Syrup (3 X 100ml)

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For Gas, Acidity & Heart Burn. Helpful in treating Liver disoder, Jaundice and Hepatitis. Helpful in treating Digestive system, Constipation, Gastric and Acidity problems.

Contains: Chirayata, Kutki, Bhringraj, Bhuamla, Kashni, Amaltas, Punarnava, Sounf, Giloya, Makoya, Triphala extract and Aloevera ras.

SAR PHARMACEUTICALS offers products for National Market. SAR Pharmaceuticals was established in year 2014, with a clear vision to bring traditional Indian medicinal science to serve society. The company focuses on the development of new formulations that are safe and effective. Good health should be accessible to everyone. They believe in the power of herbs.

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