Soulflower Jojoba Oil for Skin Natural Make Up Remover (30ml)

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THE ULTIMATE MAKE UP REMOVER-Soulflower Jojoba Carrier Oil is considered to be one of the most effective and preferred make-up removers due to its instant cleansing property. It extracts the dirt and oils from under your skin, making it clean and clear. WORKS WELL AS A SKIN MOISTURIZER-This oil helps in dissolving excess sebum, allowing the pores to breathe, and as a result, soothes and moisturizes the skin. GLOWING SKIN AND OIL-FREE SCALP AND HAIR-Jojoba Oil is a non-sticky, odourless oil which can be easily absorbed by your skin, scalp and hair. It helps in reducing marks and blemishes on your skin, and also adds shine to your hair with deep conditioning. BENEFICIAL FOR NAILS AND LIPS-It also gives a wonderful look to your nails and lips. It conditions your nails, keeps your cuticles moisturized and helps get rid of painful hangnails. This oil moisturizes sore, dry and cracked lip ensuring it to stay healthy, plump, soft and supple. SAFE AND SECURE MAKE-UP REMOVER-Soulflower Jojoba Carrier Oil is a 100% Pure, Natural, Vegan and Coldpressed Oil which helps in restoring your skin's natural radiance and works efficiently as a makeup primer.

Usage: Add 4-6 drops of Jojoba Oil onto a cotton ball and wipe your face and eyes with it. Use multiple cotton balls/pads if you use a lot of makeup and wipe off softly. When all the makeup is removed, rinse off your face with water and wipe with a damp washcloth. Apply 2-3 drops of Jojoba oil onto your face for the purpose of massage.

Contains: Jojoba oil.

Company was born out of a passion for creating premium, proven effective personal care, made from organic ingredients to elevate your natural beauty. As experts, we emerge with a gorgeous line of aromas, crafted from entirely natural and powerful components. Every day, we make small and deliberate choices to build and develop the quality of our products, our stores, and our partnerships. Company committed to discovering and delivering visible, proven beautiful results for everyone. Sunflower inspiration behind every product formulation is deeply rooted in natural, Ayurvedic rituals and include purest, most potent, hand selected and natural ingredients.

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