Soulflower Midnight Jasmine Aroma Oil (30ml)

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PROVISION OF BALANCE AND EMPOWERMENT: The Soulflower Midnight Jasmine Aroma Oil provides balance, empowerment and helps you to be stable throughout the day. STIMULATES JOY AND POSITIVITY: Midnight Jasmine Aroma oil arouses feelings of joy and positivity with its uplifting aroma and helps to bring calmness to your mind and soul. UPGRADES YOUR WELL-BEING: This aroma oil upgrades your well-being and helps you to bring clarity to your thoughts, thus leading to self-realization, and making you more aware of yourself. A SAFE AND SECURE AROMATIZER FOR YOUR PERSONAL SPACE: The Midnight Jasmine Aroma Oil is a 100% Pure and Natural, Alcohol-free product of Soulflower. It is free from chemicals, synthetic color or fragrances. GIVES A REJUVENATING AND NOURISHED SLEEP: Midnight Jasmine Aroma Oil creates a serene environment and helps in relieving stress and induces a rejuvenating and nourished sleep.

Usage: Diffuse the relaxing Soulflower Midnight Jasmine Aroma Oil in the night to unwind after a long day. Aroma Oils can be used in both Diffusers as well as Potpourri.

Contains: Jasmine flowers.

Company was born out of a passion for creating premium, proven effective personal care, made from organic ingredients to elevate your natural beauty. As experts, we emerge with a gorgeous line of aromas, crafted from entirely natural and powerful components. Every day, we make small and deliberate choices to build and develop the quality of our products, our stores, and our partnerships. Company committed to discovering and delivering visible, proven beautiful results for everyone. Sunflower inspiration behind every product formulation is deeply rooted in natural, Ayurvedic rituals and include purest, most potent, hand selected and natural ingredients.

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