Strategi Kennel Spray (100ml)

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Description of product

100% Herbal No Chemicals, For Ticks, Fleas, Lice & Mites, Herbal Repellent and Odour Remover. Suitable for Spraying Dogs reside. Helpful in keeping away Ticks, Flea, Lice, Mites in Kennels areas Covering entire area, Corners, Crevices, Door area where Dogs reside. It is Safe, Non toxic and Eco friendly.

Usage: Spray 12 -16 sprays twice a week and allow Dog enter in to Kennel of Place after 60 Minutes of Spraying. Do not spray on body of Dog floor of kennel. Avoid direct contact with Eyes, Cuts & Wounds. Keep away from Children and Direct flame. Store in a cool place/avoid exposure to direct Sunlight. For external use only.

Contains: Deva daru oil, Lamajjaka oil, Bhutila oil and Nimba oil.

Strategi, a business house with the core belief of providing an excellent platform for business across many different verticals was formed in the year 1991. Herbal Strategi s focus is to develop, manufacture and bring to consumers well researched herbal products in the homecare segment. Herbal Strategi has products to protect each and every family member from the menace of mosquitoes and cockroaches to Eco-friendly room freshener, herbal sanitizers and delivers products that are proven, effective and ecologically sound. Strategi has a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate that ensures the quality of products manufactured is of the highest standards.

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