Triguni Bavasir Buti Powder (105gm)

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Description of product

Healthy haemorrhoid support for Piles and fissures. Helpful in treating Hemorrhoids induced by Constipation, Diarrhea, Poor posture, Prolonged sitting, Pregnancy, treating bleeding and non-bleeding Piles. Has Anti-inflammatory and Therapeutic properties.

Usage: Powder (One dose) to be soaked overnight in half cup of water. Early morning mix well with spoon and filter through clean cloth. Drink the extract water empty stomach and have breakfast after 2 hrs. Throw away the left over on the cloth. Have it regularly for 90 Days.

Contains: Bichonia, Pipal, Pipal mul, Zira, Kali mirch, Pushkar mul, Sondh, Neem, Kala zeera and Ajwain.

Triguni Hebal has been working on the Tribal way of medication. It is dedicated to promote scientifically and advance version of time tested ayurvedic herbal formulations used by India since ages by Tribals and Ayurvedacharyas (scholars in ayurveda). Triguni uses the high potency whole herb rather than chemical extracts in their formulations.

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