Truu Giloy Stem Powder (250gm)

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Purify the Body, Heal The Soul. Quality Food. Helpful in building Immune system and Body's confrontation against definite Infecting Organisms. Helpful in reducing Pain, Edema, Gout and Skin diseases. Helpful in treating Digestive ailments such as Hyperacidiity, Colitis, Worm infestations, Loss of appetite, Abdominal pain, Excessive thirst, Vomiting and even Liver disorders like Hepatitis. Useful in remedying Ailments like Raktapitta, Anemia, Cardiac debility, Diabetes, Sexual debility and Splenic disorders. Giloy benefits for general Weakness, Dyspepsia, impotency, Dysentery, secondary Syphilis, Tuberculosis, Jaundice, Constipation, Leprosy, general Debility, Ctaneous rashes and Condylomata. Has Anti-inflammatory and Anti-pyretic properties.

Dosage: Stem powder-3-6gm per Day, in divided Dose. Water decoction-15-60ml per Day, in divided Dosage.

Contains: Giloy Stems powder.

Carmel Organics was established to supply Herbs and spices to Indian and Global industries. "While we were excited by this endeavor we were disappointed by the fact that You as consumer were not getting the products in their true formr We believe that you deserve healthier products and we could deliver it sustainably. Then we promised ourselves to help more people by gifting them with truly natural herbs and spices which can make true connect of humans with nature. Products which not only purify the body but also touches and improves the soul."

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