Truu Stevia Leaves Powder (250gm)

Truu Stevia Leaves Powder (250gm)

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Purify the Body, Heal The Soul. Quality Food. Acts as a Cardio Tonic. Helpful in controlling Diabetes, Sugar addiction, Blood pressure, reducing Hypertension and Weight. Useful in improving Glucose tolerance levels and diminishing Glucose absorption. Useful in preventing Heart problems, Pregnancy.

Dosage: For Sake of simplicity, let's say we consume about 100gm Sugar a Day. Since the sweetness of stevioside is 300 times that of Sugar, maximum daily consumption of Stevia powder would be 100gm divided by 300, or a third of a gm.

Contains: Stevia Leaves powder.

Carmel Organics was established to supply Herbs and spices to Indian and Global industries. "While we were excited by this endeavor we were disappointed by the fact that You as consumer were not getting the products in their true formr We believe that you deserve healthier products and we could deliver it sustainably. Then we promised ourselves to help more people by gifting them with truly natural herbs and spices which can make true connect of humans with nature. Products which not only purify the body but also touches and improves the soul."

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