Zindagi Triphala Premium Sugar Free Juice (500ml)


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Description of product

Celebrate with nature, Fresh & Healthy A Step Towards Healthy Life. Helpful in controlling harmful effect of Diabetes, Blood pressure and correcting Digestion. Useful in improving Eye sight, controlling Graying and Hair fall. Helpful in making the body Slim, Smart and increasing hemoglobin in Blood. Also purifiers Blood and makes Body healthy. Has Anti-oxidant properties.

Usage: 30ml diluted in Glass of Water twice a Day or directed by the Physician.

Contains: Pure Triphala juice.

Stevia Hub India is a part of Jhanil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Jhanil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in year 2012. They specialize in the R&D, cultivation and formulation of natural sweetener STEVIA for distribution in the global food and beverage industry. Stevia is a natural sweetener with zero calories and is beneficial for diabetics, hypertensives and obese patients. It has all the properties to be used as a natural sweetener in various foods and beverages.

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